Service 01

Import and distribute toys and gaming merchandises


Since 2015 we have been distributing Minecraft licensed products primarily for large GMS.
Cumulated sales was more than US$6 million.(*as of June 2021, based on retail value)

Additionally, since 2018 we have been massively distributing the MyArcade Retro Gaming series.
Total sales of more than 100,000 units, sold in approximately 2500 stores.

Other game IP products have also been rolled-out to quickly follow market trends.

◆Key retailers of Minecraft merchandise: Aeon, Toys"R"Us, Ito-Yokado, among others
◆Key retailers of My Arcade: Geo, Don Quijote, Yodobashi Camera, among others

◇Our major retail partners:
-Idea International
-Don Quijote
-Bic Camera Group
-Yodobashi Camera

Service 02

Our own on-line stores


・Micrafan Shop
・InfoLens Geek Shop

By managing online shops on our end, we are able to offer official licensed products targeted at core fans which are not generally available.
In addition, it made us easy to obtain our customers' feedback directly.

Service 03

Conduct events, pop-up stores, and brand promotion


We deploy pop-up stores at large commercial facilities, department stores, volume retailers, and train stations, etc.
We also conduct promotion with popular YouTubers and exhibit at major conventions.

We work closely with the copyright holder, such as game publishers, when promoting and marketing products.
We increase brand exposure through various media and events like major TV programs, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LINE, and other media suitable to the characteristics of the product and the target udience.
Further, we design licensed merchandise on our end, including Mystery Box, an assortment of licensed products, which fits Japanese market.

◆ Events held by InfoLens
・August 2019: Inside of Akihabara Station, a center of geek culture in Tokyo
・November 2019: Tokyo Solamachi in Tokyo Sky Tree, the most prominent tourist spot in Tokyo.
and many others

◆ Booths at exhibitions and e-sports tournaments:
・Exhibitions: Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo International Toy Show, Tokyo Gift Show, and many others
・Retail booth at e-sports events, such as Final of League of Legends Japan League 2019