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We import products from more than 20 business partners from various countries around the world to provide the best product offerings in Japan

We are working with partner companies to expand the reach of our products to many retail outlets, and we are quickly procuring products sought by retailers from both domestic and overseas sources.

We have strengthened our inspection system for overseas products, ensuring that we offer products with Japanese quality standards.

Sales performance (*as of Jan 2023, based on retail price)
・MINECRAFT:Since 2015. Total sales of more than US$9 million.
・MyArcade Retro Gaming series:Total sales of more than 100,000 units, sold in approximately 2,500 stores.
・APEX LEGENDS™:Total sales of more than US$4.5 million.

◇Our major retail partners
Animate, Amazon, AEON, e stadium, Isetan, Idea International, Ito-Yokado, Village Vanguard, Shimamura, Toys"R"Us, Don Quijote, Bic Camera, Uny, Yodobashi Camera and more

Service 02

Direct Sales

We deliver officially licensed merchandise and peripherals for popular games directly to customers.
We offer exclusive products, special bundle items, and purchase benefits that are only available through our online store.
From merchandise for core fans to merchandise for globally popular titles, we offer a wide range of products.

・Infolens geek shop

Physical store・Brands
・Apex Legends
・Call of Duty
・Poppy Playtime
・Among Us
・ Fall Guys
・ Fallout
More than 30 titles

Service 03


We also plan and operate official pop-up stores for the IP our company sells.

We carefully design and produce displays and exclusive benefits that appeal to fans while maintaining the spirit of the world of the IP.
We also have booths at many Events, such as TOKYO GAME SHOW and official game tournaments, to sell merchandise.

・APEX LEGENDS POP UP STORE / Collaboration Cafe
・Poppy Playtime POP UP STORE

Service 04


* Image Source: THE REBEL'S eMPIRE steaming studio

We provide attractive promotions featuring popular musicians, streamers, influencers, and YouTubers, as well as other promotions with the support of licensors.

- By partnering with licensors, we are able to leverage a wide variety of assets.
- We promote our products by sponsoring esports programs and tournaments.
- Depending on the characteristics of the product and target customers,
we share information through various media such as events, social networking sites, and web media.

Our SNS accounts / X
・Infolens Event
・Poppy Playtime Japan Official

Our SNS accounts / Instagram

Service 05

Own Product Planning

We plan products that convey the appeal of games.
There are plans to release new products one after another in the future.

- We use various approval tools to smoothly facilitate the approval process.
- We use global communication to ensure rapid product development.

Apex Legends(As an example)

Poppy Playtime(As an example)



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