Joy and Excitement for All.

To be a distributor who
protect your brand value

We promise to handle your valuable brands to the utmost of our ability as we sell your products.
We have deep knowledge of the quality standards, inspection standards, packaging standards, and various procedures needed to import and sell products in Japan, so our partners can rest easy and leave things in our capable hands.

We aim to be a company which brings joy and happiness to all our customers, copyright holders, manufacturers, and employees.

Import and distribute toys and gaming merchandises

We import products from more than 20 business partners from various countries around the world to provide the best product offerings in Japan

Our own on-line stores

We deliver officially licensed merchandise and peripherals for popular games directly to customers.
We offer exclusive products, special bundle items, and purchase benefits that are only available through our online store.
From merchandise for core fans to merchandise for globally popular titles, we offer a wide range of products.

Conduct events, pop-up stores, and brand promotion

We also plan and operate official pop-up stores for the IP our company sells.

We carefully design and produce displays and exclusive benefits that appeal to fans while maintaining the spirit of the world of the IP.
We also have booths at many Events, such as TOKYO GAME SHOW and official game tournaments, to sell merchandise.