We aim to be a company which brings
happiness to customers,
copyright holders,
manufacturers, sellers, employees,
and everyone who uses our products.

My team and I have been helping many brands and brand licensees to expand their business in Japan by importing, distributing, selling, and marketing their products for more than six years. My 20 years of experience in Sony, especially as a global leader of PlayStation peripherals and accessories licensing, helped establish our business.

We keep focusing on maintaining and improving the brand values of IP holders and manufacturers while increasing the satisfaction and enjoyment of customers. Although it takes time to build a brilliant brand image, it can be ruined in an instant if a brand is treated inappropriately.
The importance of how we should handle precious brands was instilled in my mind deeply during my time at Sony. I take pride in using my experiences primarily to manage products' quality control, localization, and marketing. When dealing with licensed products, one must never sell a product that will disappoint the customer.

I also keep communicating with game publishers closely to coordinate marketing and promotion in a daily effort to maintain and improve the brand value of each IP.

We will continue to strive toward becoming a company that brings happiness to everyone related to our products, from customers, licensors, and manufacturers to all of our employees.
our employees.

Founder & CEO Hiro Yasukawa

Our strangth


Shortest route from gathering
information to roll-out

We stay in frequent contact with overseas game studios and publishers to obtain up-to-date information on trends.
We also attend many overseas exhibitions directly, to survey and purchase the latest trending products.


Close ties with distributors
and copyright holders

Our partnerships with large game and toy wholesale distributors and retail partners help us establish sales channels with many retail stores.
In turn, this allows us to offer products which meet retailers' needs in a timely manner.

Furthermore, our strong relationships with copyright holders allow us to coordinate our business with theirs, such as by selling licensed assortment products, or by marketing new products on their official SNS accounts or through in-store campaigns.


Connections of video game industry

Based on our 21 years of business experience with PlayStation and many game publishers, particularly our experience in business development and global management of licensed products,
we are able to gather industry information quickly through our wideranging network in the games industry.

Using the broad sales network that we built over 6 years through our import and sales of game merchandise, we are able to develop sales channels through many overseas manufacturers.
We have used these connections to hold special events for specific game IPs and products as well as to operate sales booths at e-sports events.


Quality control

We support our partners' quality control to fulfill the quality requirements of our Japanese customers.

1. Quality control in manufacturers' factories:

We formulate detailed manuals such as the quality inspection standards and packaging guidelines used in manufacturers' factories in order to ensure quality control.

2. Inspection after importing:

After importing products, we re-inspect them based on our own standards.
Inspections are conducted by our company or a partner company. When a partner company is conducting the inspection of newly imported merchandise, one of our employees is on hand to supervise and to quickly handle any issues that may arise.

3. Recurrence prevention and quality assurance:

If any issues arise, we quickly write an inspection report and share it with the manufacturer to prevent the issue from recurring and to keep our high quality standard.

Our profile

Company name:
InfoLens Inc.
October 1st, 2018, transferred its operations from a US corporation, InfoLens Inc. Japan branch
1-12-11 Minato, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Yaesu Dai-7 Nagaoka Building 9F
Business description:
-Import and distribute toys and game merchandise
-Operate our own online stores
-Conduct events, pop-up stores, and brand promotion
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